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We contribute to the peace and development of future human society and the creation of global public goods through the following three activities:


A Platform for Children Around the World to Share Their “Thoughts on the Future”

What kind of world do we want to live in by 2050? What can each of us do, and with whom, to move closer to that world?

IMAGINE2050 is a network space where individuals can share their dreams and visions for the future in response to these two questions. It is a platform for children to share their thoughts on what they want the world to be like in 2050 and what they can do to make it a reality.

The dreams shared by children will be collected as a “global public good” and a “collective intelligence of humanity” in a digital archive to be passed on to the future and contribute to the peace and development of human society.


“Kizuki” Project

A Workshop to Connect with the World and Renew Our Commitment to Peace

We will develop workshops in various locations that will help children realize their connection to the world and think about the future.

We will connect multiple school sites around the world, regardless of borders or language barriers, to create a proactive learning space for children about the future.

Through these processes, we will visualize the children’s “voices” as “collective intelligence” in the archive/platform.

“Kizuki” Project

Voices to Global Agenda

Children’s Voices for the Post-SDGs

Contributing to the Formation of a New Framework for Human Society to Address Global Challenges.
We aim to share the “voices” of children, visualized as “collective intelligence,” with the world in order to reflect them in the agenda formation process of the Post-SDGs.
We aim to foster children who are aware of their connection to the world and can empathize with others, and to raise awareness of the importance of nurturing children’s imagination for this purpose, in order to achieve a world where everyone can live a happy life by 2030.

Voices to Global Agenda

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Forum2050 operates under the concept of ‘Children of the World: Each Child’s Vision for the Future Shapes Humanity’s Destiny,’ collaborating with businesses, schools, educational institutions, and others. Together with children, we create opportunities for them to contemplate peace and development in the future human society, fostering partnerships.