High School Student Ms. Itaya Delivers a Speech at the GGG+ Forum


Ms. Akari Itaya, the youngest member of the Forum2050, shared her thoughts as the high school representative at the GGG+ Forum: Towards a Compassionate World, organized by Nihon Results.

【Akari Itaya, High School Student】

I had the honor of participating as the high school representative in the 7th session of the 10th GGG+ Forum: Towards a Compassionate World, organized by Nihon Results.


The 7th session featured a live online connection with Mr. Akihiro Kiyota, Director of UNRWA Health Department, and Ms. Miki Yoshida, UNRWA staff, based in the field. They provided insights into the current situation in the Middle East, followed by a Q&A session with students present at the forum, exploring potential actions that young people can take.

At the end of the session, I had the privilege to deliver a closing summary.

「In August 2023, I participated in a volunteer program in Rwanda, Africa, through the Tobitate! initiative supported by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT).

Upon my arrival in Rwanda, I was struck by the stability of the country, which stood in stark contrast to its history of civil war just 29 years prior.

However, during my stay, I encountered numerous reminders of this history, and I came to realize that the scars of the genocide, despite the country’s remarkable recovery, will never fully disappear.

I also visited slums where people faced severe poverty, yet I was constantly greeted by their warm smiles. Witnessing their resilience, I felt a strong sense of responsibility to protect their joy and prevent any further suffering.


In addition, I hope that a world will be created where all young people around the world, not just those in Japan, in the Gaza Strip, and in Ukraine, can raise their voices.

My time as a student is limited, and it may be difficult, but I hope to continue to speak up and take action even after I become an adult.

I believe that the world should be one where adults, who have created history, and young people, who will create the future, can work together to create history, rather than relying on each other.

Although my speech was not perfect, I was honored that many people listened to me seriously.

I believe that it would be beneficial to have more opportunities for children, students, and adults to share their individual opinions and discuss what can be done for peace.

I am grateful for the opportunity to have listened to the stories of various people and to have been able to speak out myself.


Delivered by Ms. Keiko Itatani, a member of the Forum2050 organizing team.

【As a parent】

I believe that my daughter’s opportunity to study abroad as a high school student was made possible by the safe and nurturing educational environment that Japan provides.

In light of the current challenges in the Middle East, we believe that the most immediate priority is to prevent further damage to the future by ensuring uninterrupted access to essential services such as water, food, healthcare, sanitation, and education. This is a critical conversation that we have been having as a family.

As adults, it is our responsibility to confidently share our experiences and knowledge with the younger generation. We must convey our successes and failures honestly and transparently, so that they can learn from our mistakes and build a better future. It is equally important for young people to be open to learning from the past, to actively seek out information, to listen to diverse perspectives, and to amplify their own voices in a constructive manner.

As a parent, I earnestly hope for a world where all children around the globe can build their future without experiencing the horrors of war.

I believe that it is crucial for each individual, regardless of their position or age, to first learn about the past and present conflicts, to have the opportunity to reflect on peace, to continue thinking about it, and to create small acts of peace.

Though my efforts may be small, I hope to serve as a bridge between adults and children as a member of Forum2050. I will continue my work with the Kizuki project and strive to amplify the voices of children around the world through IMAGINE2050.

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